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Barbara Mahler
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Barbara Mahler

Montag, 05. Oktober bis Freitag, 09. Oktober 2015,  
   Monday - Friday, October, 05 - 09, 2015

        morning class: 11:00 am - 2:00 pm    afternoon class 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Klein TechniqueTM


Photos by Julia Lemberg

Klein Technique™ as taught by Barbara Mahler is a cohesive integration of body and mind, based on the principles of change, possibilities and a better functioning body. It is a technique grounded in the principles that what helps us move and function at our optimum efficiency are simple ideas, exercises and practice, the demands being the same in dance as everyday life. It’s principles go beyond aesthetic viewpoints. It is a technique that provides strong and grounding underpinnings for all types of movement. The work done in class is to re-educate the body with an interweaving of theory and practice on a physical level, at the level of the bone and the deep internal musculature and supportive connections that move, and ground us – between the pelvis, the legs and the earth and back up to the skull. The result – a clarity and sureness of movement efficiency, fluidity, and a new level of understanding the innate intelligence of one’s body. With these teachings we come closer to realizing who we are as movers – as individuals; unique in our creativity, our movement, our being.
Open to all levels of movers.
The day will be broken up like this:
In the morning there will be theory and essential practice, and in the afternoon we will work to gain understanding on a body level how the connections support basic movement/dance technique and training. It is without particular aesthetic and applicable to all styles.

is long-standing and active member of the New York City dance community as a choreographer, performer, movement educator, body worker; a major contributor in the development and outreach of Klein the Assistant Director of the Klein School of Dance from 1980-2001, and the Klein- Mahler School of Dance and Movement Studies 2001-2004. She was known as the “motor” of the school, to quote Dianne Madden, current rehearsl director of the Trisha Brown Dance Company.  Since 2004, Barbara has been an ongoing faculty member with Movement Research, and The Staten Scenekunst Skole in Copenhagen, Denmark , as well as teaching at various studios, colleges and festivals in the greater NY area, across the US, and abroad,  She is the recipient of a BAX Award in Arts and Arts Education 2013. These awards were designed to honor individuals in the arts who have revealed and transformed our creative world. By instigating and enduring change they have deepened the definition of their field and paved the way for others. 
Video about the BAX Award and Barbara Mahler as a teacher   

Barbara Mahler‘s choreography draws upon the intricate and infinite possibilities of the textures of time, space and the (her) body to create dances, which subtly reveal characters, emotions and stories.  Her choreography is consistent with her teaching vision and work. It explores the endless possibilities that the body can reveal - spare and articulate, compositional, and evocative. Although mainly a solo artist, she also creates small and intimate dances for two and three, for large and small spaces.  
As well as choreographing and teaching, she maintains a private practice in hands on healing work, using the techniques and principles of Zero Balancing, Connective Tissue Therapy, and others, working with injury rehabilitation and prevention; movement re education and coordination. Barbara received her MFA in choreography in 2007. Barbara teaches private and group classes as well as workshops aimed towards the improvement of coordination, alignment and general physical well-being. Barbara’s viewpoint of the well-functioning person/body is grounded in her long – standing work in the dance and movement field.  Her major and most consistent source of information has come from the study of (1979-2003) and teachings (1979-present) of Klein Technique and Zero Balancing, (1983-present) along with the perspectives and insights gained from re-educating her own body. Contemporary dance technique, composition, improvisation, choreography and performance have all played major roles in the focus and experience of her work.  Her small and intimate dances have been presented across the globe – London; (Tangent, Circuit-Est) Montreal, Canada; Chile;  (Danse Alliance)- Stockholm and Gothenburg, Sweden, (Full Moon Festival) Finland, Denmark, and many venues in New York, as well as across the US.  Barbara has been a guest faculty member of the Danish National School of Theater and Contemporary Dance since 1994.     She was a guest artist/teacher at Hunter College NYC, 2000-11 and is an adjunct evaluator at SUNY Empire State College, and is currently reconstructing a quartet for Clancy Dance, is a recipient of a LIFT-OFF Choreographic Residency in NYC.

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SLEEPING: We can host workshop participants directly in the studio. The cost is 10 EUR a night per person.
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