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workshop and performance
  Dienstag, 15. Nov bis Freitag, 18. Nov 2011, 12 - 18 Uhr
   Tuesday - Friday, November, 15 - 18, 2011, 12 am - 6pm
                                           Overview of the work
“My work is strongly focused on the origins, form, and details of functional movement, movement from life . It is a practice of movement research. The work refines ones ability to use the physical senses and relate equally with inner space and outer space. It calls for  and cultivates a questioning and reexamining of one's perceptions.

I am an improvising performer and my reference point is to develop a technique (a way or method) to composing dances. The work offers one possible view point for making dance performance.

The material is drawn directly from my own movement research, which has it's roots in seminal work I began in the '70's with the early developments of both Anatomical Release Technique and Contact Improvisation, as well as the work of Steve Paxton, and the work of Lisa Nelson, plus many wonderful long term collaboration with artists whose work inspired and informed me..”

                                Daniel Lepkoff
                                         WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION
This workshop is open to all but is geared towards professional artists: choreographers, improvising performers, dancers, and actors.

    November, 15 – 18, 2011    12 – 6 pm
We will divide our 6 hours of studio time into two work sessions with a break in between:
I.    Technique - (Moving the Environment) – We build a technical foundation through study and practice of functional movement. We look at movement as a two way exchange of force and information with our environment.

The forces that we feel within our body, (compression or stretch) do not know the difference between what is us and what is our environment. We extend our energy into the environment; the environment answers.

We move it and it moves us. This duality offers an extended dimension to our presence as a dancer and performer.

Activating our physical senses we engage with:
    gravity, force & our internal architecture
    vision and space
    time and thythm.

II.    Composing (Stillness and Movement): Placing our own movement propositions into a shared space, we set up a kind of physical conversation on the subject of time, space, and imagination. The conversation is based inside of a simple structure that uses an alternation between stillness and movement. Through observation and action, beginnings and endings, answer and answer back, repetition and translation, we exchange our viewpoints on what we see when we watch movement and what we understand as dance.
For more detailed information on Daniel's work go to:
----> Material  developed in the workshop will be presented to the public in an Informal showing at the end of the week, Friday, 18th at 8:30 pm, Our focus will be  live performance as a venue and vehicle for sharing information We will use  this opportunity to think about the nature of improvising in performance and  to consider what is happening physically in the minds and bodies the  performers and audience members in the theater.
On the same evening Daniel will also perform a solo.
Starting in the early '70's DANIEL LEPKOFF was at the center of the development of Release Technique with Mary Fulkerson and Contact Improvisation with Steve Paxton. Throughout the '70's and '80's he traveled extensively; actively teaching, performing and exposing these new ideas worldwide.

He is one of the founders of Movement Research in NYC.

Daniel's work looks at all movement as a finely tuned physical dialogue with the environment and explores the form and composition of this interaction as a language for making dances. He has developed techniques based on this approach that form a dance practice and foundation for bringing this material onto the stage.

Over the years he has had long term collaborations with many other artists and performers including: Lisa Nelson, Steve Paxton; Paul Langland, Saira Blanche Theater in Moscow (Oleg Soulimenko and Andrej Andrianov), Lux Flux in Vienna (Inge Kandlsdorfer, Annette Pffeferkorn and Jack Hauser), experimental musician Dora Attila,  and Japanese dancer, Sakura Shimada, among others.

In 2002 he  was the artistic director and co-producer (together with Mira Kovarova) of "Physical Dialogues" a seminal dance festival in Bratislava focusing on alternative systems for researching movement.

He has published numerous articles articulating concepts that are central to his own work, these writing appear in CQ, The MR Performance Journal and Contredanse Publications in Bruxelles.

This last year he toured to Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Brazil, and Argentina. His work was recently shown in Warsaw, Poland at the Dance Improvisation Festival Sic! 2010/ Festiwal Improwizacji Tańca Sic! 2010 combining improvising dance performers with experiemental musicians.
Fee: 200 EUR
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 SLEEPING: We can host up workshop participants in our special sleeping cocoons in the studio. The cost is 10 EUR a night per person.
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