schwelle 7
GRUE /unconference
The second edition of the BerlinGRUE is coming! Sat / Sun Oct 13&14
It will be again an unforgettable weekend topped off by pancakes made by Graydancer himself on Sunday morning. Last year we had more than 20 classes ranging from "shame" and "tango" to "fire play".
A GRUE is a kind of unconference that is participant driven and self-organizing. Rather than imposing an outside agenda on the attendees, the schedule is generated through a fast-moving group exercise that creates a day filled with a variety of subjects usually stretching far beyond just rope. The one thing that all of these topics have in common - whether presentations, discussions, hands-on skillshares or laughing explorations into new territory - is passion.
Everything that happens at a GRUE is required to be something that someone there is passionate about. This creates a day filled with energy, open exploration, and most of all unexpected connections, realizations, and discoveries. The GRUE is like a structured improv dance - working within a proven framework, every one is different, beautiful, and unique to the needs and abilities of the people there.
Be prepared to be surprised. As the BerlinGRUE last year and over two dozen other GRUEs in the U.S., Canada and Europe have proven, the unconference and kink go hand in hand to create something amazing.
Schwelle 7 will open its doors for the BerlinGRUE Saturday morning at 10:30am. We start the GRUE at 11am. While it is possible to come later, you will miss a very important part of the day. The BerlinGRUE will finish around 7pm. In the evening there will be an AfterGRUE - a party at Schwelle only for the GRUE participants to socialize, relax and try out all the new things you learned. 
Sunday morning starting at 10am will be the final part of the BerlinGRUE with a nice breakfast in Schwelle.
Tickets are 30€ in presale and for Schwelle member and 40€ at the door.
To register or for more info send an email to