schwelle 7
The focus of schwelle sieben is experimental body work and body research, above all in the direction of play, magic and gentle madness.

The artistic principle is juxtaposition: the energy, which is released when heterogeneous elements are mixed together, without attempting to smooth out their differences. Juxtaposition as a formal operation of synchronicity. Secret connections, which suddenly become visible and then meaningful. Random collaborations and collages. Grace, which arises from fragments playing together. Absurdity, irony, instability.
schwelle7 (schwelle =  threshold ) is a 500 sqm venue in Berlin–Wedding, that organizes workshops, performances and parties on the threshold between Art an BDSM.
The director, Felix Ruckert is a dancer and choreographer, who develops experimental forms of contemporary dance. His work is often inspired by elements of BDSM-Play.
schwelle7 organizes primarily workshops on Dance, Choreography, Performance and Body Art that focus on the practice of performing. We also propose workshops dedicated to practical and technical aspects of SM-Play, but often also look into theoretical, esthetic or philosophical issues related to BDSM. Schwelle7 tries to examine connections, parallels and gateways between these two worlds.
We are not an SM Location in the usual sense of the term. Despite the radicality of some of our research, we try to maintain openness and flexibility in our thinking and acting.
Lecturers and artists we have presented so far include Peter Banki, Mona Blue, Stephan Dreher, Dossie Easton, Stéphane Fratti, Arisue Go, Stanislav Grof, Matthias T.J. Grimme, Richard Hancock, Julyen Hamilton, Mo Herzinger, K.J. Holmes, Traci Kelly, Hajime Kinoko, Daniel Lepkoff, NIta Little, Lara Martelli, Midori, Osada Steve, Paula L. Rosengarthen, Pipaluk Supernova, Shadow, Sabine Sonnenschein, Maggie Tapert, David Zambrano, La Zampa, amongst others.

We closely collaborate with the net work Gay Love Spirit. We regularily host their workshops at schwelle7.

Live Performances are a specific focus of schwelle7. We produce and program them on location here. We have a special interest in long duration pieces and participatory performances, as for example United Kingdom, a long duration role play conceived for a large group of active participants, that creates an entire universe based on consensual hierarchy.
We strongly identify with the idea of art as celebration. We experiment with projects on the border between performance, party and happening; examples are the monthly full moon play party, The Aristocracy of Desire, The Play Fight Club and the Bowen Lounge.
Every year in July the festival xplore takes place at schwelle7. The event gathers a large number of international presenters and some hundred artists, SM – folks and other free spirits come together for workshops, lectures and talks on creative sexuality, BDSM, Tantra and other body practices.
schwelle7 is organized as a non commercial association. This allows us to ask very moderate fees for all our activities. It also means that we are in need for members who support our work.
For participants of our workshops, for travelers, but also for long term visitors we offer the possibility to sleep here in our guest rooms or directly in  the studio.           ( Felix Ruckert, February 2009 )

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